What I’m doing now

I’m currently in the Boston Area, working out of the Just In Time Cafe in Peabody. My friend Mike has been letting me park my van in the driveway for the last several weeks, and I’ll be in the area through early July.

I’m working with as a Product Manager which keeps me somewhat occupied on a day-to-day basis. The companies I’m working with are all interesting and vastly different from each other. One company has been around for a long time and has a legacy system; Another is also an older company but they’re building some new technology to augment their existing platforms. A third is a brand new startup building everything from scratch. It’s exciting. At it’s fun to be having fun.

I’m enrolled in Seth Godin’s Marketing Seminar, which is super interesting. (Sorry, it’s too late to get in for this season). For whatever reason I’ve been crushing Mad Men on Netflix as well.

This was updated June 19, 2017