About Me

Hi! I’m Wade Williams. I grew up in Lynn, Massachusetts where the previous 13 generations of my family lived after shipping over on the Mayflower in 1620. I was lucky enough to have a mother who worked at the Apple store when I grew up in the ’80s, so I learned to spell with a keyboard and a Mac. This fortunate occurrence coupled with a household ban on video games (no atari/nintendo) led to a childhood full of computer and early internet use.

This past spring (2016), I lived in Nepal for 10 weeks volunteering for the Himalayan Rescue Association. In Nepal, I re-learned how to use the internet at dial-up speeds. For a solid 6 weeks there was zero internet. I’m glad I went if for no other reason than exercising empathy. Fortunately there was also excellent hiking and mountain biking to be had.

Before my escapade in Asia, I was working with people on startups. Occasionally I was stuffed next to the water heater and told to ship code as fast as possible. Usually, my team was delivering software on time to companies such as BMW, Peterbilt, Dominos Pizza, the US Army, ARPA-E, and General Electric.

I used to Slalom Water Ski professionally, and coach skiers. I’m still fairly capable in that regard, but I don’t get to spend that much time in the boat anymore.

Wade Williams Water Ski Magazine July 2007

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